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I don’t know how long it’s been since I first stumbled upon Burr Morse of Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks in Montpelier. It seems like I have been reading his email newsletters for just about forever even if I know it hasn’t been all that long. Today, just as I was setting up this website, I received his latest.

Now I have never met Burr…But every few weeks I get his email, and it’s like he is another member of the family. Burr talks about all the things he loves about his life up their on the old home place. He keeps me abreast of the latest comings and goings, the weather, even the state of the syrup.

This month Burr let us in on an ongoing communication he’s been having with his mother.

July 9, 2010

Hello again Maple People,

Yesterday my friend Larry Perry emailed me saying he’d seen my mother, Dorothy Morse’s name on a list of folks who have money being held by the State of Vermont. I told him I’d check into it and when I did, I found there was enough to give each of us four siblings over $400.00! “That’s just like our mom” I thought…”she’s always leaving nice little surprises for us.” Dot Morse, you see, passed away back in 2006 but it’s not like she’s gone from our lives. We “see” her everyday in the flowers that grow around our place, remarks folks make about her and, especially the rainbows…yes, our mother communicates her most important messages by “rainbow”. – via News from Vermont # 215 — Ring me up by Rainbow.

I thought it only fair, since Burr adopted me into his family way back when, that I return the favor and make him the subject of my very first Vermont post…And Burr’s weather report for last week…

It sure has been hot here in Vermont the last few days…quite the opposite temperature from when we make our maple syrup in March!

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